Optimum performance, come rain or shine.

Optimum performance, come rain or shine.
The new standard in high performance rain tyres. For executive, luxury and specialist sports cars.
The RainSport 2 at a glance

Benefits: Features:
Greater resistance to aquaplaning … due to curved, V-shaped tread bars for more efficient water displacement.
Shorter braking distances on wet and dry roads … due to the new Red-hot silica compound.
Higher mileage by avoiding one-sided tire wear … due to the VAI (Visual Alignment Indicator).

RainSport 2 in detail
RainSport 2 – top performance in the V-tread
The curved V-shaped tread bars of the RainSport 2 enable efficient water displacement. In addition, the 3D structure helps disperse the water.
The result: The Uniroyal RainSport 2 provides greater resistance to aquaplaning.
Short braking distances – on wet and dry roads.
Short braking distances are one of the principal features of the new Uniroyal RainSport 2. It doesn't matter whether it's raining or not, your car will quickly come to a standstill. In the dry, the curved V-shaped tread bars ensure even pressure distribution and the entire contact rests on the road.
In the wet, owing to its new rubber compound, the tyre is able to easily key into the road's surface.

Long tyre life.
VAI (Visual Alignment Indicator) – The tyre is provided with indicators for one-sided wear and therefore shows whether tracking and/or camber adjustment are optimal.
Any errors can therefore be corrected in good time, so nothing stands in the way of a long tyre life.

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