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Established in October in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture with a joint investment from Yokohama Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (currently Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.) and BF Goodrich, of the United States

Hiranuma Plant started production of tires in Hiranuma, Yokohama

Yokohama Plant started production of tires in Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama

Tire and industrial products trademark renamed "Yokohama"

Mie Plant started production of tires

Mishima Plant acquired from Meiji Rubber Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Hiratsuka Plant started operations

Granted patent rights to and entered sales contract with U.S.-based Aeroquip Corporation

New Yokohama Rubber headquarters building opened

Hama Chemical Co., Ltd. established
Corporate name changed to The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

Research Center opened
Yokohama Tire Corporation established as a sales company in the United States

Onomichi Plant started production of tires
First phase of Ibaraki Plant completed and operations started
Yokohama Tyre Australia Pty. Ltd. established as a sales company

Sports Complex Co., Ltd. established

Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc. established as a sales company

D-PARC (Daigo Proving-Ground and Research Center) comprehensive tire testing facility opened

Yokohama Reifen GmbH established
Tokyo Hamatite Co., Ltd. established
GTY Tire Co., Ltd. established

T*MARY (Takasu Motoring and Researching Yard) specialized winter test course opened
The Mohawk Rubber Company of the United States acquired

R&D Center RADIC started operation at the Hiratsuka Plant

SAS Rubber Company established

Specific action standards for environment protection clarified and Environmental Action Plan formulated

PRGR Co,. Ltd. established

Yokohama Aeroquip became a wholly owned subsidiary of Yokohama Rubber
Arise Co., Ltd., a sales company for recreational vehicle (RV) tires and accessories, established
Yokohama Aeroquip corporate name changed to Yokohama Hydex Company
Yokohama Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a company for producing windshield sealants and assembling hydraulic hoses, established in Thailand
Hiratsuka Tire Plant obtained ISO 9001 certification

New plant for windshield sealants built in Kentucky, U.S.A.
New plant for sealing materials at Ibaraki Plant started production
Yokohama Tyre Vietnam Company, a tire production and sales company, established in Vietnam

Mishima Plant obtained ISO 14001 certification, and efforts were undertaken to obtain certification at all plants by the end of 1999
Shinshiro Plant and Hiratsuka Tire Plant received TPM Excellence Award

Mie Plant obtained ISO 14001 certification, and efforts were undertaken to obtain certification at all plants by July of the same year
Yokohama Tire Philippines, Inc. obtained ISO 9002 one year after start of operations
Yokohama Hydex Company obtained QS 9000, the quality specification for the U.S. Big Three automakers, and ISO 19001 certification
ISO 14001 obtained at all domestic plants
A scholarship foundation established at Yokohama Tire Philippines, Inc.

Yokohama Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd. obtained QS 9000 and ISO 9002
Sales, design and development functions in the hose and coupling business transferred to Yokohama Hydex Company
YH America Inc. obtained QS 9000
Yokohama Tire Philippines, Inc. obtained ISO 14001

The Yokohama Rubber Co, Ltd. and Continental AG formed strategic alliance in the tire business
Zero emission activities aimed at reducing the amount of industrial waste at landfill sites started
Yokohama Hydex Company’s Hiratsuka business site and its Nagano Plant obtained ISO 14001 certification

Grand Design (GD10) long-term business strategy formulated
YH America Inc. obtained ISO 14001

Yokohama Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd. obtained ISO 14001
Four domestic production sites achieved zero emissions
Truck/bus radial tire production base established in Thailand

Belgian tire sales company started operations
Yokohama Hamatite (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., set up to manufacture and market passenger car sealant in China
Integrated hose production/assembly/distribution business created by absorbing Yokohama Hydex
Corporate officership introduced into new management organization
Yokohama Hoses & Coupling (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., a high-pressure hose assembly and sales subsidiary, established in China

Wholly owned tire sales subsidiary established in Korea
Yokohama Russia L.L.C., a tire sales company, established in Russia
Europe representative office in Dusseldorf, Germany, became a subsidiary to oversee and coordinate European marketing
Passenger car and light truck tires built in Thailand
Yokohama Tire Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. started production of tires for trucks and buses
Shandong Yokohama Rubber Industries Products Co., Ltd. established in China to produce and sell conveyor belts
Yokohama Rubber (China) Co., Ltd. established to control tire and MB operations in China

Hangzhou Yokohama Tire Co., Ltd., a production and sales base in China for passenger car radial tires, obtained ISO 14001 (environmental standard) certification
Grand Design 100 (GD 100) new management plan announced
European marketing in truck and bus tires strengthened through collaboration with leading retreader
Yokohama India Private Limited, a subsidiary in India, established
Forecasts for first half of fiscal 2007 revised upward

Opening ceremony for Yokohama India Private Limited held
Proceeds from charity music event “LIVE ecoMOTION” donated to WWF Japan
Opening ceremony for Onomichi second plant held
"YOKOHAMA Forever Forest" (a project to plant trees at all YOKOHAMA plants around the world) kicked off with a tree-planting ceremony at Hiratsuka Factory
SAS Rubber Company obtained ISO 14001 certification

Enhanced tire evaluation functions in Europe
Yokohama Asia established
Yokohama Tyre Vietnam Inc. held opening ceremony
Local subsidiary established in Brazil
Tire sales company established in Thailand
First overseas YOKOHAMA Forever Forest tree-planting ceremony held at Yokohama Tire Philippines, Inc.
Proceeds from charity music event “LIVE ecoMOTION” donated to WWF Japan
Suzhou Yokohama Tire Co., Ltd., held opening ceremony and started production at its plant in China

Second phase of GD 100 started
New business at YOKOHAMA Europe GmbH: Industrial Products
Agreement made to establish YOKOHAMA R.P.Z. L.L.C., manufacturing and sales company, in Russia
Second phase of YOKOHAMA Forever Forest starts with tree-planting ceremony in YOKOHAMA Tyre Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Second phase tree-planting staged at the Hangzhou YOKOHAMA Tyre Co., Ltd., the YOKOHAMA HAMATITE (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. and the YOKOHAMA Hose & Coupling (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. in China

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