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      Tyre Factory "VALSA" is one of the youngest tyre factories not only in Ukraine, but also in CIS countries.

      In October 1988 first tyres were manufactured, and that moment was the beginning of the factory's life. Main products were tyres for grain harvesters "DON".

      In 1998, due to economical crisis in CIS countries and overall production decline, VALSA had stopped its tyre manufacture facilities.

      After three years, in February 2001, new life began in VALSA's workshops. Now factory increases production volumes, reestablishes lost and creates new business connections. VALSA's engineers create new tyres, using all modern technologies and design advancements. VALSA's current product range includes agricultural tyres, truck & bus tyres, off-the-road tyres, tyres for truck loaders, light truck tyres, car & motorcycle tyres. At the moment, VALSA renovates its main production facilities, and in the nearest future product range will be extended with agricultural tyres and truck & bus tyres, to meet the growing needs of agricultural machinery and other transport manufacturers.

      Nowadays VALSA is a modern factory, equipped with computer controlled manufacture systems, preparative manufacture on FARREL BRIDGE, Great Britain, equipment, and FATA, Italy, transportation systems. Rubber compounds are manufactured on FARREL BRIDGE equipment, which guarantees compound high quality and homogeneity. Compounds are manufactured of natural and synthetic rubber. High-tensile fabric is used in tyre carcass. Impregnation fluids ensure perfect fabric adhesion with rubber compound. Tyre treads are manufactured on cold supply extrusion machines. Automatic tread winding machine is used for large-sized agricultural tyres assembly. Factory's production capacities allow to produce more than 1 million tyres a year. Total equipment depreciation is no more than 5%. All that allows to implement new technologies, to use new materials and chemical additives, which improve products' quality considerably.

      Factory is preparing to pass the international quality standard ISO 9000. All that will allow VALSA to gain respect of customers not only in Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries, but also in other countries all over the world.

      Our phones
      (044) 592-80-76
      (098) 606-19-98
      (066) 354-12-73
      (063) 061-30-44