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It all started with a small shop for rubber goods in Liège, Belgium. Uniroyal has since grown into one of the major players: more than 30,000 tyres carrying the umbrella symbol - which identifies rain tyres - are now manufactured on a daily basis.

The key dates in our company history

1868: Oscar Englebert opens a business for rubber goods in Liège.

1894: Englebert starts to experiment with tyres, initially for bicycles and horse-draws vehicles.

1898: Englebert starts to manufacture bicycle and car tyres, becoming the first tyre company in the Benelux countries and one of the first in Europe.

1912:The plant now has over 400 employees. Car tyres with a zig-zag tread are becoming increasingly important.

1914:The factory premises undergo a four-fold increase in size.

1925:A new 5-hectare factory is opened in Liège. Its 3,500 employees also manufacture beaded tyres.

1926: Export activities are increased. Englebert is already one of the five largest European rubber companies.

1929: The Aachen plant is founded and the manufacturing of bicycle, lorry and car tyres is expanded in stages.

1936: A new tyre factory is opened through the purchase of the former silk factory in Clairoix-les-Compiegne (France).

1937:Tyre production in Aachen hits the one million mark.

1956:On 5 April, the four millionth tyre rolls out of the Aachen plant.

1958:Englebert joins with a strong American partner company, becoming a member of the global Uniroyal corporation: one of the world's three largest tyre manufacturers. The company O. Englebert Fils & Co.GmbH

becomes Uniroyal Englebert Deutschland AG.

1963:Englebert trades under the name Uniroyal-Englebert.

1964:The company continues to grow: a new plant is built in Herstal, Belgium.

1967:The company undergoes a final change of name: it is now simply called Uniroyal.

1969: The magazine "Auto, Motor und Sport" crowns the company's first rain tyre, the rallye 180, as its overall test winner. The rallye 180 is the first Uniroyal tyre to bear the umbrella symbol.

1979:Integration of the European part of the Uniroyal Corporation into the Continental Corporation.

1987:Opel announces Uniroyal Englebert Reifen GmbH as its supplier of the year for 1986.

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