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By the decree of King Miloš Obrenović, in 1889, the “Gunpowder Works” was founded. During the first operating year, in 1892, it produced 37 tons of black powder. After World War I , the Military-Technical Bureau named “Obilićevo” appeared after the reconstruction and expansion. The new company consisted of ten factories. It employed 2000 workers and had a proprietary Scientific-developmental laboratory. It manufactured nitrocellulose gunpowder, activated carbons, protective masks, nitrotoluene explosive, other compounds etc.
After World War II , the company “Miloje Zakić” manufactured industrial explosives, activated carbons and protective masks.
The production based on rubber processing started to develop in 1963 by manufacturing technical-rubber goods and tyres for bicycles, mopeds and scooters.
Based on the Contract of joint venture and technology transfer with French partners KLEBER, CIFAL, SETILEX from 1974, the new factory TRAYAL was put into operation, with the annual production of around two million radial car tyres.
The production based on rubber processing was expanded, so “Obili}evo” manufactured tyres for industrial transportation, motocultivators, trailers, manual transportation etc.
The production of protective devices has begun since 1925, when the production of M-27 protective mask started.
After World War II , the entire classification of the products intended for personal and collective protection was developed.
The production of industrial explosives has the longest tradition. Besides black and nitrocellulose powder, the production of nitrotoluene explosive started in 1948, of cast in 1974, the production of liquid explosive of SLURRY type started in 1976, and many other explosives were produced some time later. “Miloje Zakić” was one of the rare manufacturers of pyrotechnical devices. The production programme in this area also involves smoke and flammable devices.
Since June 28, 1995, the production of tyres, protective devices and industrial explosives in the five factories with common services has been united in TRAYAL CORPORATION.

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