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Sava Tires d.o.o., Tyre Manufacturing Company, is part of the Goodyear Corporation since 1998. The tire brand Sava thus became a member of the Goodyear?s family of brands.

Sava Tires is marketing Sava brand tires directly to service dealers and distributors only in Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia and Kosovo. The sale on a global scale, however, is divided into regions. In the list below you can find Goodyear sales offices, responsible for marketing the Sava brand tires in a certain country.

Sava Tires d.o.o. is established on December 10th 1997 by signing an agreement between the Slovene rubber company Sava d.d. and the American corporation Goodyear. With 60% Goodyear becomes the majority owner of Sava Tires.

On July 1st 1998 the company officially starts performing its operations.
Inside Goodyear Corporation Sava Tires is responsible for sales in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Serbia-Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania. To the other parts of the world Sava Tires starts selling its tires through Goodyear?s companies established in various countries
Sava Tires goes on to develop 24-hours service in Slovenia with the motto: Order it today and you will get it tomorrow.
Beside the Sava trademark car tires Sava Tires starts producing tires under the following trademarks: Goodyear, Dunlop, Fulda and Debica.
The number of high quality tires keeps increasing.

December 1st 1999 - The Company obtains the ecological certificate ISO 14001.
Sava Tires starts marketing the farm and heavy machinery tires of Goodyear and Dunlop trademarks.
Sava Tires organises collection and removal of worn-off car tires of Goodyear and Sava trademarks.
With the production of 4.9 million and the sale of 5.3 million tires the company earns SIT 2.3 billion of profits.

Sava Tires generates profit in the amount of SIT 2.6 billion. The company produces 5.5 million and sells 6.5 million tires.
Dunlop joins family of brands.

March 23rd 2001 - The Company is awarded Certificate of Quality ISO 9002 which proves that Save Tires? products comply with the highest quality standards for tires.
July 6th 2001 ? The Company is awarded ISO/TS 16949, the most prestigious level of quality management in the car industry.
Sava Tires becomes part of Goodyear?s European Truck Force network, which provides round-the-clock road service for truckers using Goodyear tires.
Compared to 2000 the sales of tires are increased by 16 percent, production by 6 percent and net profits by 14 percent. With the production of 5.5 million and the sales of 6.5 million tires the generated profit is SIT 2.6 billion.

May 6th 2002 - Goodyear increases its share in the company from 60 % to 80 %.
1.7.2002 - Sava Tires issues its first environmental report which includes the achievements in the field of environmental protection in 2000 and 2001.
20.11.2002 - The Company obtains OHSAS 18001 Certificate ? the System for Management of Occupational Health and Safety.

- New distribution center opens
- SAP inf. system is introduced in sales, materials management and finance
- Renovation of goods entrance
- BPMS certificate is obtained - first in world together with five GY factories
- Award for best work environment of large companies in Slovenia

- Goodyear becomes 100% owner of Sava Tires
- Tire Online Service - online 24/7 tires ordering for our business partners - is introduced
- Vulco franchise network has over 30 quick tire service centers across Slovenia
- Sava Tires and Petrol establish joint venture company for truck tire retreading
- Production of first 17 inch tire
- Sava Tires stopped producing truck tires after over 50 years and rises the production of 17,5 inch light-truck tires
- Sava Tires receives award for Environmentally frinedly company, the highest environmental award in the country

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