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Foundation point S
A tyre dealer association is established under this name in the French market.

Foundation of the European Tyre Coordination Committee G.E.I.E.
Aim: Creation of a Europe-wide dealer network and global structures to provide an effective alternative to the national and international customers.
Introduction of the point S trademark in Germany and Italy
The French trademark and corporate identity are adapted, thereby laying the corner stone for a European dealer network.

Introduction of point S Austria / Reifen-Partner Ges.mbH.

The European expansion of the point S Group continues and includes country organizations in Poland, Spain and Denmark.
At that time it encompassed 560 companies and more than 950 service centers.

Hungary is the 8th country organization to join the European Tyre Coordination Committee G.E.I.E. and becomes an associated partner in the creation of a Europe-wide dealer network.

point S international AG
Seven European point S companies are unified. On 21 March 2002, the Partner GmbH / Germany, SEDA / France, Pneus Service / Italy, Reifen Partner Ges.mbH / Austria, point S indkobsforening / Denmark, point S Poland as well as Neumaticos Aragon / Spain joined forces to form the point S international AG, based in Darmstadt, Germany. The point S international AG thereby became the largest network of independent tyre dealers in Europe representing 963 members with 1455 locations.

Czech Republic is in the network. Servis Point Group s.r.o. founded in Prague becomes associated member of point S international AG.

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