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Michelin Energy XM1

Michelin Energy XM1

Fuel Saving Tyre

Fuel saving

Your tyres consume one fifth of your car’s fuel. New Michelin Energy XM1 contain innovative Energy Green XTM silica compounds which reduce the amount of energy required push your car, saving fuel and the environment by reducing car emissions.

Smooth handling

Michelin Energy XM1 delivers smooth, confident control, at all speeds. Innovative Stress Equilibrium Construction (SECII) technology, a revolutionary network of internal wirings, ensures tyre stability. Flexible sidewalls provide vertical cushioning, ensuring premium comfort over all road surfaces.


Drive on Michelin Energy XM1 and change tyres less often. SECII technology stablises overall tyre wear. A square profile distributes road contact stress, delaying tread weardown.

Strong as steel

Energy XM1 is strengthened by a full-width steel belt plus another Michelin first, BAZTM technology. A special nylon wrapping, it secures the steel belt, helping to counter centrifugal forces and to control the tyre’s shape producing more predictable handling at all speeds.

Performance safety

Larger tread blocks on the shoulder deliver excellent safe handling and cornering power. A higher groove ratio on the inside of the tyre provides multiple channels to wipe away road water film and deliver maximum grip. The addition of the Energy Green XTM compound also enhances wet traction. Experience safety and control, whatever the weather.

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
185/60 R1482 HEnergy XM1JP
195/60 R1486 HEnergy XM1JP
195/70 R1491 HEnergy XM1JP
195/65 R1489 HEnergy XM1JP, TH
185/65 R1486 HEnergy XM1JP
175/65 R1482 HEnergy XM1JP
185/70 R1488 HEnergy XM1JP
175/65 R1584 TEnergy XM1CN
185/60 R1380 HEnergy XM1TH
215/65 R1596 HEnergy XM1TH
205/65 R1695 HEnergy XM1CN, TH
205/70 R1595 HEnergy XM1TH
165/70 R1379 TEnergy XM1CO
185/70 R1386 HEnergy XM1TH
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