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Michelin Facts and Figures

For more than a century, Michelin has dedicated its expertise and innovation to enhancing the mobility of people and goods around the world.

2010: MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 launched in the replacement market

2009: 100th edition of the MICHELIN Guide France

2008: Introduction of the new MICHELIN X Energy™ Savergreen truck tire

2007: Launch of the new MICHELIN Energy™ Saver tire, which reduces fuel consumption by nearly 0.2 liters per 100 kilometers, thereby lowering CO2 emissions by 4 grams per kilometer

2006: Michelin revolutionizes truck tires with MICHELIN Durable Technologies

2005: Michelin provides tires for the new Airbus A-380 aircraft - Launch of the MICHELIN Power Race, the first dual-compound racing tire approved for road use

2004: Launch of the MICHELIN XeoBib, the first agricultural tire that operates at a constant low pressure

2004: New corporate signature introduced: "Michelin, a better way forward"

2003: Launch of Michelin brand automotive accessories

2001: Michelin brings to market the world’s largest earthmover tire

2000: Bibendum voted best logo of all time by an international jury

1998: Bibendum’s centennial

1998: The first Challenge Bibendum, the world’s leading clean vehicle event

1996: Michelin invents the vertically anchored PAX System tire

1995: The US space shuttle lands on Michelin tires

1993: Michelin invents the new C3M tire manufacturing process

1992: Launch of the fuel-efficient MICHELIN Energy™ tire

1989: Michelin launches the first online travel itinerary service, on France’s Minitel teletext network

1981: The MICHELIN X Air is the first radial aircraft tire

1979: The Michelin radial tire wins the Formula 1 championship

1959: Michelin introduces the first radial tire for earthmovers

1946: Michelin invents the radial tire

1938: Michelin launches Metalic, the first truck tire with a steel casing

1930: Michelin files a patent for the integrated tube tire

1926: Michelin creates its first Green Guide for tourists

1923: First low pressure car tire (2.5 bar)

1913: Michelin invents the removable steel wheel

1910: First 1/200,000 scale Michelin road map published

1905: Introduction of the Michelin Sole tread with hobnails to improve tire grip and durability

1900: First Michelin Guide published

1898: "Birth" of Bibendum, the Michelin Man

1895: Michelin introduces Éclair, the first car to be fitted with pneumatic tires

1891: Michelin files its first patents for removable and repairable tires

1889: Founding of Michelin et Cie

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