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A commitment to excellence, combined with the pursuit of superior performance, is the driving force behind Maxxis. We stand behind every product we produce.

We are driven to meet our customers' needs, and then to surpass their expectations.

Company`s passion for success began in 1967, and has since evolved into what is now Maxxis: a premium line of tires designed for almost every application imaginable. Maxxis produces tires for automobiles and light trucks as well as for all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, race karts, lawn and garden equipment, trailers and industrial equipment.

Every day, Maxxis tires face the most challenging conditions the world has to offer. They sand up to extreme weather conditions, battle the toughest terrain and win championships. They are continually put to the test, and every time they succeed.

Over 15,000 individuals on three continents strive to make these tires the best available. The results of our efforts are offered on the following pages.

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