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Púchov rubber plant is the continuator of well-known trademark Matador as it took up the tradition of the first tyre manufacturer in former Czechoslovakia - company Matador seated in Bratislava. This company launched the production of tyres in 1925 and its tyres were mounted to all famous czechoslovak automobiles of the 30-s, thus contributing in co-operation with trademarks SKODA, TATRA, AERO and others to the development of automotive industry in central Europe.


Company Matador - Gummi und Balata Werke was registered in commercial register on September 7, 1905. In March 1906 Matador began producing rubber hoses and belts in its new facilities in Petržalka, district of Bratislava.
The testing production of tyres was launched in 1925 and for 6 coming years the company remained the only producer of tyres in Czechoslovakia.
The company was nationalised in 1945 and the next year it was established as the national enterprise.


The import of tyres for replacement became growing in 1946 and shortly afterwards the domestic manufacturers (national enterprise Baťa, Rudý Říjen Otrokovice, Kudrnáč Company or Rubena Náchod, Michelin or Mitas Prague) were not able to meet the demand for tyres. The management of national enterprise Matador Bratislava decided to construct a new rubber plant.
The foundation stone of the new rubber plant Matador was festively laid on September 7, 1947. The construction was completed in 1948. Despite the difficulties after the embargo on delivery of technology units from USA, the company succeeded in further development, the missing parts were replaced by domestic ones and by parts from Czech borderland and the pilot run began on March 1, 1950.
The production in newly built rubber plant was officially launched on May 1, 1950. In 1955 the company started production of conveyor belts. The company became a monopoly producer of inner tubes in Czechoslovakia in 1962. The production of truck radial tyres STEEL was launched in 1968. Three years later company started production of passenger radial tyres. The product range of the company was enlarged by truck radial tyres ALL STEEL in 1976. The production of steel-cord conveyor belts was launched in 1979.

With the broadening the product range the importance of scientific research rose and the company paid a lot of attention to its strengthening. The rubber research institute was established in Púchov in 1987.

Company transition

The transition process began in Púchov rubber plant in 1988.Then, the company was changed to state-owned enterprise and two years later it transformed itself to joint-stock company. During the transition company had to change its trademark. After 40 years of using Barum trademark the company reintroduced old trademark Matador and from July 1993 all products were manufactured under this trademark. The transformation of the joint-stock company to private company was completed in 1994.
The quality management system of design, manufacture and servicing of tyres was certified in accordance with standard ISO 9001 by certification company DET NORSKE VERITAS. One year later company TÜV CERT issued certificate for the company of quality management system for conveyor belts, inner tubes and technical rubber products in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements.
In 1995 Matador established subsidiaries Matador Machinery and Matador Omskshina.
The environmental management system of the company was approved by certificate of DET NORSKE VERITAS in accordance with BS 7750 and ISO 14001 standards in 1996.
Two important audits of quality management system for tyres were held in Matador in 1998. Audits proved that Matador was the first company in the Slovak Republic and Eastern Europe to undergo successfully certifications of the system in accordance with the ISO 9001, QS 9000 and VDA 6.1 standards.
Joint venture Continental Matador for the production of truck tyres was established in Púchov in September 1998.
In 1999 the transformation of the company took its final phase by change of strategic management and by shift to division management system.
In 2000 Matador celebrated the 50th anniversary of the commencement of manufacturing in Puchov. The management of the Company is being transformed to the German model and re-engineering processes, while using international consulting companies, are establishing the strategic targets for the Company.
In the year 2001, Matador as one of the first companies in the middle Europe acquired the certificate of management system of tyre development and production quality according to technical specification ISO/TS 16949 (requirements on system of quality management in automotive industry accepted by important automotive associations, the mentioned certificate continuously replaced individual certificates according to the requirements of American and German automotive association.)
In December, 2001 the company DET NORSKE VERITAS issued the Management Quality System Certificate in accordance with standards ISO 9001:2000, valid for design, production, assembling, servicing and sales of machines and equipment for rubber industry and management of design and development, production, servicing and sales of moulds.

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