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The Hercules Tire & Rubber Company headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, is a leading integrated tire marketer and distributor of replacement tires in the United States, Canada and globally in more than 75 countries. Hercules has developed a strong reputation among its customers for its broad range of quality products, making Hercules one of the most sought after proprietary private brand programs. In addition, Hercules distributes over 20 leading national branded tire programs and collectively offers over 10,000 SKUs

Hercules USA
Hercules USA operates as a private brand marketer of the Hercules, Merit, Signet, and Superior brands. Hercules matches its widely known private brands to competitive distributor programs in exclusive dealer territories. This strategy makes Hercules the best and most respected private brand marketer in the industry. Hercules USA values its reputation for building strong, professional and trusting relationships with its customer base, the independent tire dealer.
In addition to its nationwide private brand distributor program, Hercules USA operates TDW warehouses in key markets. TDW offers a supermarket of brands to allow one stop shopping in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Chicago and Findlay. TDW has stayed true to the Independent Tire Dealer by following its strategy of being "your supplier and not your competitor". This growing division offers a wide array of products with dependable service. In addition to selling the Hercules, Merit and Signet private label brands, TDW serves the independent tire dealer with many of the hot manufacturer brands such as Toyo, Kumho, Falken, Federal, Yokohama, Mickey Thompson and Dunlop. Whether you need broad line passenger and light truck tires, commercial products, specialty products, SUV tires or performance product, TDW has a tire to fit your every need.

Hercules Canada
Hercules Canada (Tire Specialists) operates just like TDW with a wide selection of top quality tires throughout Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. Hercules Canada recently began selling in Western Canada.

Hercules International
Distributing the Hercules, Merit, Blackhawk and Electra brands, as well as manufacturers brands, Hercules International (Treadway Exports), is the largest independent tire exporter in North America. Hercules International sells to distributors in defined exclusive markets throughout the world. Hercules international distributes portable generators under the name Power on the Go in North America.

Private Brands
Hercules distributes an extensive selection of passenger, light truck, medium truck, trailer, off-the-road, and industrial and specialty tires. This comprehensive selection offers our customers over 2,000 SKUs through its Hercules, Merit, Signet, Superior and Electra brands. Our customers consider our private brand tires as a high quality, value-priced alternative to nationally marketed flag and associate brand tires. Hercules private brands offering is one of the broadest in the industry offering opportunity to the independent tire dealer to maximize profits.
Proprietary brands are manufactured exclusively for Hercules by world class suppliers from around the world. Hercules has longstanding relationships with domestic and off-shore manufacturers who provide our customers a competitive advantage. Hercules is on the ground in China with administrative staff and warehousing to provide the best possible service to our worldwide customers.
Hercules owns all private brand tire molds, ensuring that our private brand lines are unique to our dealers and customers. This year alone, Hercules has over $4 million budgeted for tire molds.
Hercules is dedicated to providing the highest quality and value to our private label brands. Our management team and product committee works to anticipate key market trends, ensure product evolvement designed with the most advanced technology.

Branded Products
Hercules is a marketer and a distributor of leading manufacturer brands, including Cooper, Falken, Toyo, Nexen, Kenda, Yokohama, Dunlop, Goodyear, Vogue Tyres, Kumho, Double Coin, Federal, Titan, Mickey Thompson, Dick Cepek, Dirt Gripz, Denman, Solideal, Advance, Nankang, and Armour.

Hercules is committed to expanding branded sales in niche and specialty markets, two of the fastest growing segments in the replacement tire industry. We are a significant partner to our niche and specialty branded tire suppliers, providing the distribution infrastructure that many of our suppliers depend upon to increase their market penetration. Hercules offers a comprehensive selection of over 8,000 branded tire SKUs.

Our leading distribution capabilities provide a critical link between our suppliers and our independent tire dealer customers. Hercules has over 1.3 million square feet of warehouse and distribution area in 12 locations through the United States, Canada and China and provides expedited delivery and transportation services. Our customers also benefit from our exceptional fill rate, which is estimated in excess of 95%. These services enable our customers to reduce inventory and warehouse costs while providing them access to a broad product offering and inventory levels, not typical of other private brand marketers and distributors.
Customer service is a key emphasis at Hercules. We believe we have the best tire lines in the industry, but these lines have little value if we cannot deliver in a timely manner. Hercules customer service provides quick responsiveness to serve the needs and requirements of our customers. Our staff ensures that ordering is easy, high fill rates are maintained, and that your order is shipped accurately and on time.

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