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Goodyear Ducaro GDi

Goodyear Ducaro GDi

An affordable directional tyre for smooth & agile performance.

Take a ride with Ducaro GDi. This is technology at a crossroad; where handling performance, quiet comfort and economy intersect in the creation of the most affordable directional tyre on the road. Built with Trinuum Tyre Technology, the Ducaro GDi is your performance edge, straight from the minds of Goodyear. It's another way we're keeping you "One Revolution Ahead."

Directional design
Aquaplaning / appearance
Bubble blade technology at center blades
Tie-bar connecting shoulder blocks
Handling / noise and uniform wear
Optimized pitching sequence and blocks shifting
Noise subjective and ISO noise
Radial center & shoulder blades
Wet Braking and Traction
Partially continuous center rib
Steering precision and noise
Deep straight circumferential grooves
Multi-radial cavity contour
Tread & Durability

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
185/65 R1486 HDucaro GDi
185/70 R1488 HDucaro GDi
175/70 R13 Ducaro GDi
185/70 R13 Ducaro GDi
205/60 R13 Ducaro GDi
195/70 R14 Ducaro GDi
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