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Goodyear OptiGrip

Goodyear OptiGrip

OptiGrip, the innovative new Goodyear summer tyre offers drivers excellent performance even when the tyre is worn, thanks to it’s revolutionary SmartWear Technology. This technology has been purposely developed so that as the tread of the tyre wears down, a new compound and new grooves appear to maintain excellent performance over the entyre lifetime of the tyre.
SmartWear Technology enables the Goodyear OptiGrip to deliver exceptional performance results – even after 12,000 or 18,000 miles.

OptiGrip shows better straight aquaplaning resistance after 12,500 miles than
brand-new competitor tyres.

OptiGrip delivers 20% better braking on wet after 18,000 miles than its two
leading competitors.

OptiGrip retains twice as much control on wet after 18,000 miles

How SmartWear Technology works

Designing tyres is an extremely complex exercise in science and physics. Tyres consist of 20 or more specialized components and contain up to 25 different compounds. Each compound itself is a sophisticated mixture of various ingredients.
The new Goodyear SmartWear Technology is the culmination of several years of research into the design, engineering and physics of tyre tread technology. More than 50 research engineers and scientists have worked on the development of Goodyear’s latest technology.

Goodyear’s revolutionary solution to the problems caused by worn tyres takes form in the shape of the new OptiGrip, with its SmartWear Technology. This SmartWear Technology has been specifically developed so that as the surface tread wears down, new compounds and grooves appear to maintain wet grip and aquaplaning performance at a high lever level. The new OptiGrip therefore retains an outstanding performance even when it wears.

SmartWear Technology: Innovative tread design technology

SmartWear Technology is most visibly encapsulated in a highly advanced and uniquely visible tread design, which continues to change throughout the tyre’s lifetime to offer continued excellent performance. The first layer of the tyre compound, which is visible when the tyre is new and during the earlier stages of the product’s lifetime, features an innovative sipe design with 3D interlocking technology in the upper section of the tread blocks.

The stable centre area transmits the steering movements directly to the road surface, while the solid outside shoulder blocks gradually take over the transmission of the cornering forces. The result: a more even pressure distribution over the entire footprint of the tyre and consequently improved handling stability. This design imparts a tread stiffness that contributes to dry handling performance and extends the lifetime of the tyre.

As the tyre continues to wear, a second compound layer with sipes and grooves featuring hidden channels below the tread surface are gradually revealed. These new grooves facilitate
efficient water evacuation and maintain a high level of wet grip and aquaplaning resistance
throughout the entire tyre life-span.

TUV SUD Tests & Results*
  • Tests and the results from wet braking, wet handling and aquaplaning resistance performed by the independent organization TÜV SÜD Automotive confirm that Goodyear hase developed an extremely innovative technology, which has led to a very durable tyre that delivers excellent performance after 20.000 and even 30.000 km.
  • Tested against two leading competitors in April 2008 by TÜV SÜD Automotive, tyre size: 225/45R17; car: VW Golf 2.0 FSI; report #76230122-1
  • Better aquaplanning resistance than brand-new competition, 20% shorter braking distance, twice as much control on wet 6% better resistance to aquaplaning

* After 30,000 km

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
205/65 R1594 HOptiGripDE
205/65 R1594 VOptiGrip
215/65 R1596 VOptiGrip
205/60 R1591 HOptiGripDE
205/60 R1591 VOptiGrip
205/60 R1692 HOptiGripDE
205/60 R1692 VOptiGrip
205/55 R1691 HOptiGripDE
205/55 R1691 VFPOptiGripDE
215/55 R1693 VOptiGripDE
215/55 R1697 HOptiGripDE
225/55 R1699 VOptiGripDE
205/50 R1687 VOptiGripDE
205/50 R1793 WOptiGrip
225/50 R1798 WOptiGripDE
225/45 R1794 WOptiGripDE, FR
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