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Goodyear Regional RHD II

Goodyear Regional RHD II

Goodyear's new regional haul drive tire generation, featuring KMax Technology

A specific combination of dedicated tyre construction, pattern geometry and material features has been developed to maximize the mileage performance of Goodyear's new generation of regional haul tyres. KMax Technology provides excellent mileage on today's broad regional haul operations, without compromising other tyre characteristics.

Goodyear's new generation regional haul drive tyres have been developed and optimised to maximise your fleet's efficiency in today's demanding regional haul operations.
The combination of a specifically developed tread pattern with an innovative ‘high silica content' tread compound results in excellent mileage performance, optimum wet grip, even wear and low rolling resistance.

In addition, the optimised cavity geometries and the use of cutting edge carcass and reinforcement materials (super tensile wire cords) provide the RHD II with superior durability and damage resistance.

Goodyear's new generation of regional tyres can handle a wide range of applications as today's fleets require maximum flexibility to operate on pure regional and/or in a combined regional/long haul service.

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
315/80 R22,5154/150 MRegional RHD II
305/70 R22,5152/148 LRegional RHD II
305/70 R22,5150/148 MRegional RHD II
13 R22,5156/150 LRegional RHD II
13 R22,5154/150 MRegional RHD II
12 R22,5152/148 LRegional RHD II
11 R22,5148/145 LRegional RHD II
265/70 R17,5139/136 MRegional RHD IISI
225/75 R17,5129/127 MRegional RHD IISI
235/75 R17,5132/130 MRegional RHD IISI
215/75 R17,5126/124 MRegional RHD IISI
315/80 R22,5156/150 LRegional RHD IILX
305/70 R19,5148/145 MRegional RHD II
9.5 R17,5129/127 MRegional RHD II
245/70 R17,5136/134 MRegional RHD II
205/75 R17,5124/122 MRegional RHD II
295/80 R22,5152/148 MRegional RHD IIDE
315/70 R22,5154/150 LRegional RHD IILX
275/70 R22,5148/145 MRegional RHD IIDE
315/60 R22,5152/148 LRegional RHD IILX
245/70 R19,5136/134 MRegional RHD IILX
265/70 R19,5140/138 MRegional RHD IILX
285/70 R19,5146/144 LRegional RHD IILX
295/60 R22,5150 LRegional RHD IIDE
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