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Goodyear Marathon LHS II

Goodyear Marathon LHS II

Marathon LHS II 22.5" FuelMax
Long Haul - Steer

Goodyear's new long haul steer tire featuring MAX TECHNOLOGY

A new generation of steer axle tyres, specifically designed for long haul operations.
Developed and optimised to provide significant reductions in fuel consumption, the new LHS II and LHD II tyres can help make your fleet more economical (reduced fuel cost) and ecological (reduced emissions).
Optimised cavity and tread pattern geometries plus state-of-the-art compounds and carcass materials result in superior durability and retreadability, allowing further improvements in cost per kilometre.

Features of the Marathon LHS II
5 rib design, wide tread (6 rib for aspect ratio <65)
‘Flexomatic Blades', ‘Edge Blading' on grooves
Large tread, high ‘net-to-gross' ratio
Cutting edge tread compound, high silica content, high stiffness
Optimised cavity plus state-of-the-art carcass and belt materials

Benefits of the Marathon LHS II
Excellent mileage, even wear, good handling and stability
Superb braking in the wet, good traction, even wear pattern
Improved mileage combined with low rolling resistance and low noise emission
Lowest rolling resistance combined with excellent mileage
Robust, damage resistant carcass construction for enhanced durability and retreadability

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
315/80 R22,5156/150 LMarathon LHS II
315/80 R22,5154/150 MMarathon LHS II
295/80 R22,5152/148 MMarathon LHS II
275/70 R22,5148/145 MMarathon LHS II
315/60 R22,5152/148 LMarathon LHS II
295/60 R22,5150/147 KMarathon LHS II
295/60 R22,5149/146 LMarathon LHS II
315/70 R22,5154/150 LMarathon LHS IILX
305/70 R22,5152/148 LMarathon LHS IIDE
385/55 R22,5160 KMarathon LHS II
355/50 R22,5154 KMarathon LHS II
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