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Goodyear Assuranse ArmorGrip

Goodyear Assuranse ArmorGrip

Satisfaction assured with Goodyear’s Assurance tyre

The new Goodyear Assurance developed for safety-conscious drivers of passenger cars looking for the assurance of superior grip and durability, in all road conditions – wet or dry.

The Assurance is the first Goodyear tyre to feature our ArmorGrip Technology™, which improves
the gripping capabilities in the dry and wet, and it’s also more resistant against cuts, tears and
road hazards with a layer of DuPont Kevlar® in the construction and silica reinforced Durawall in
the sidewall.

It was developed at Goodyear Technical Center in Luxembourg (GTC*L), the
home to many of the world’s leading tyre and research personnel and the birthplace of many
leading tyre technologies.

The “Grip” in ArmorGrip Technology™

The Assurance tyre with ArmorGrip Technology™ combines several elements to enhance drivers’
confidence when handling vehicles in wet or dry road conditions.

Features & Benefits
New generation 3-dimensional blade system - the Waffle Blade system Evolved from the company’s previous Bubble Blade system, this new technology is an interlocking technology in the blades of the tyre designed to provide better braking and grip on wet and dry road conditions while maintaining lateral block rigidity.
Advanced silica-based tread compound Silica is a component that is becoming common place in high-performance tyres where grip is absolutely essential and works by increasing chemical bonding with rubber polymers for improved grip.
DuPont Kevlar® layer Giving tyres better resistance against unexpected road hazards like rocks and potholes.
Silica-reinforced Durawall technology In addition to DuPont Kevlar®, Goodyear Assurance has reinforced sidewall to provide increased resistance to cuts and tears.

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
175/65 R1482 HAssuranse ArmorGrip
185/65 R1486 HAssuranse ArmorGrip
195/65 R1489 HAssuranse ArmorGrip
215/65 R1494 HAssuranse ArmorGrip
185/60 R1482 HAssuranse ArmorGrip
195/60 R1486 HAssuranse ArmorGrip
185/65 R1588 HAssuranse ArmorGrip
195/65 R1591 VAssuranse ArmorGrip
205/65 R1594 VAssuranse ArmorGrip
185/60 R1584 HAssuranse ArmorGrip
195/60 R1588 VAssuranse ArmorGrip
205/60 R1591 VAssuranse ArmorGrip
185/55 R1582 VAssuranse ArmorGrip
195/55 R1585 VAssuranse ArmorGrip
195/50 R1582 VAssuranse ArmorGrip
205/60 R1692 VAssuranse ArmorGrip
215/60 R1695 VAssuranse ArmorGrip
225/60 R1698 VAssuranse ArmorGrip
205/55 R1691 VAssuranse ArmorGrip
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