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Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance 2

Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance 2

8% shorter braking distance on snow*

Excellent control in winter conditions

Winter driving conditions can be unpredictable - posing hazards that increase the risk of accidents. In addition to snow, ice, wet and slush, drivers can encounter dangerous black ice, which occurs unexpectedly with the onset of freezing temperatures. Always at the cutting edge of technological innovation, Goodyear now introduces UltraGrip Performance 2.

The name says it all: The UltraGrip Performance 2 is a high performance tyre made for high performance driving, providing shorter braking distance and more grip in winter conditions.

With the new UltraGrip Performance 2, Goodyear turns over a new leaf in winter tyre technology. The new tyre enables the driver to have superior vehicle control in the coldest weather conditions. This high-performance tyre shows impressive capabilities in all winter conditions due to the Adaptive SipeGrip Technology, the new silica tread compound and an intelligent tread design. Put quite simply, the new Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 2 offers drivers enormous potential.

The revolutionary tyre UltraGrip Performance 2 with Adaptive SipeGrip Technology provides two different types of sipes incorporated into one tyre. In addition it features a directional tread design and new silica tread compound for excellent grip.

The UltraGrip Performance 2, which has been independently tested by the German Testing and Certification Company TÜV SÜD Automotive contributes to a highly sophisticated driving performance in all winter conditions; from snow and ice to wet and dry.

Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 2 actions:

  • 2D zig zag sipes in the center for excellent decoupling effect
  • 3D waffle sipes in shoulders and intermediate zone for stiffness
  • Optimum sipe opening
  • Additional claws
  • Continuous contact in the center line
  • A continuous series of biting edges and notches
  • Optimum water dispersal/evacuation
  • Flexibility at low temperatures and higher interaction on wet and icy surfaces
  • Optimised block sizes & arrangement
Features Benefits
Adaptive SipeGrip Technology: 2 different types of sipes for 2 different purposes, always perfectly aligned with footprint leading edge for extra traction under slippery conditions like snow, ice and wet
improved dry and wet handling performance as well as dry braking more grip and shorter braking distance on snow and ice
Traction saw circumferential grooves for superior hill climbing and acceleration performance and stability on ice and snow
The spine for optimum steering & handling on dry roads, working like a caterpillar on snow covered roads
Hydrodynamic V groove & intermediate circumferential grooves for aquaplaning & slush planning resistance
Optimised polymer blend and advanced silica technology for increased grip on all kinds of surfaces (snow, ice, wet) at low temperatures
4 different block sizes and rib shifting for silent & comfortable ride with uniform wear

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
235/50 R1897 VUltra Grip Performance 2
225/45 R1791 HUltra Grip Performance 2DE
225/45 R1794 VUltra Grip Performance 2
235/45 R1797 VUltra Grip Performance 2DE
245/45 R1799 VUltra Grip Performance 2DE
225/40 R1892 VUltra Grip Performance 2
235/40 R1895 VUltra Grip Performance 2
245/40 R1897 VUltra Grip Performance 2
235/35 R1991 VUltra Grip Performance 2
245/35 R1993 VUltra Grip Performance 2
275/30 R1996 VUltra Grip Performance 2
225/55 R1797 HUltra Grip Performance 2DE
225/55 R1695 HUltra Grip Performance 2DE
225/55 R1699 VUltra Grip Performance 2
215/55 R1798 VUltra Grip Performance 2
235/50 R18101 VUltra Grip Performance 2
215/55 R1693 HUltra Grip Performance 2DE
235/60 R16100 HUltra Grip Performance 2DE
225/45 R1794 HUltra Grip Performance 2
205/60 R1692 HUltra Grip Performance 2DE
215/50 R1795 VUltra Grip Performance 2
205/55 R1691 HUltra Grip Performance 2
205/50 R1793 VUltra Grip Performance 2DE
215/60 R1796 HUltra Grip Performance 2
205/55 R1694 VUltra Grip Performance 2DE
255/50 R21106 HUltra Grip Performance 2
225/50 R1798 VUltra Grip Performance 2DE
205/55 R1691 HUltra Grip Performance 2DE
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