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Goodyear Assurance TripleTred

Goodyear Assurance TripleTred

New All-Season tire

Assurance TripleTred, the winner of numerous design and performance awards, features three zones.

A Wet Tread Zone in the center portion of the tire features Dual Aquachannel™ grooves helps to propel water off the tread and away from the tire. a center Ice Zone with a rubber compound that includes volcanic sand and glass fibers to assist gripping performance.

A Dry Tread Zone in the outer tread has strong shoulder blocks to provide better driving performance on dry roads. Circumferential shoulder grooves help promote even treadwear and biting edges for traction in wet weather.

These elements combine to help deliver enhanced traction and responsive handling in both wet and dry weather conditions.

The new Assurance features a Uniform Tire Quality Grade rating of 620/A/B (in T speed-rated sizes) and 580/A/A in H speed-rated sizes). Assurance will carry a 65,000-mile tread life limited warranty.

  • Wet Tread Zone – to help propel water off the tread and away from the tire on wet surfaces
  • Ice Zone – to assist gripping performance on winter roads
  • Dry Tread Zone - to help deliver enhanced traction and responsive handling in dry weather conditions

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
185/70 R1487 TAssurance TripleTred
195/70 R1490 TAssurance TripleTred
195/60 R1587 HAssurance TripleTred
195/65 R1589 HAssurance TripleTred
205/60 R1590 HAssurance TripleTred
205/65 R1592 HAssurance TripleTred
205/70 R1595 TAssurance TripleTred
215/60 R1593 TAssurance TripleTred
215/65 R1595 HAssurance TripleTred
215/70 R1597 TAssurance TripleTred
205/55 R1689 HAssurance TripleTred
205/60 R1691 HAssurance TripleTred
215/55 R1691 HAssurance TripleTred
215/60 R1694 TAssurance TripleTred
215/65 R1698 TAssurance TripleTred
225/50 R1691 HAssurance TripleTred
225/55 R1695 HAssurance TripleTred
225/60 R1697 HAssurance TripleTred
215/50 R1793 HAssurance TripleTred
215/55 R1793 HAssurance TripleTred
215/60 R1795 HAssurance TripleTred
215/65 R1798 HAssurance TripleTred
225/55 R1795 HAssurance TripleTred
235/55 R1799 HAssurance TripleTred
235/65 R17104 HAssurance TripleTred
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