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Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance

Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance

The Performance tire for winter conditions

Even in these winter conditions, high-performance car drivers don't want to compromise on their performance. Therefore the best tyres are the ones designed to cope with winter hazards without compromising on performance, comfort and safety when winter weather stays dry and clear. UltraGrip Performance is the unique market solution to this as yet unsatisfied consumer need.
The UltraGrip Performance benefits:

  • The next generation of 3D-BIS blades giving optimised grip and traction. Maximised block stiffness in all temperatures.
  • A derivative of tests winning UltraGrip 7 compound. Advanced silica technology and silane coupling agent for a unique surface texture. Low polycyclic aromatic oil content.
  • Outside stabilizers at high speed and adaptive asymmetrical centre zone on slippery surfaces.
  • Reduced noise frequency peaks.

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
215/65 R1698 HUltra Grip PerformanceDE
225/60 R1698 HUltra Grip PerformanceDE
225/60 R16102 VUltra Grip Performance
195/55 R1585 HUltra Grip PerformanceSI
205/55 R1691 HUltra Grip PerformanceDE, SI
205/55 R1694 VUltra Grip Performance
215/55 R1693 HUltra Grip PerformanceSI
215/55 R1697 VUltra Grip Performance
225/55 R1695 HUltra Grip PerformanceDE
225/55 R1699 VUltra Grip Performance
215/55 R1798 VUltra Grip PerformanceDE
225/55 R1797 HUltra Grip PerformanceDE
225/55 R17101 VUltra Grip Performance
225/50 R1692 HUltra Grip PerformanceDE, SI
225/50 R1692 VUltra Grip Performance
205/50 R1793 VUltra Grip PerformanceDE
215/50 R1795 VUltra Grip PerformanceSI
225/50 R1798 VUltra Grip Performance
215/45 R1791 VUltra Grip PerformanceDE
225/45 R1791 HUltra Grip PerformanceDE
225/45 R1794 VUltra Grip PerformanceDE
235/45 R1794 HUltra Grip Performance
235/45 R1797 VUltra Grip Performance
225/40 R1892 VUltra Grip Performance
245/40 R1897 VUltra Grip Performance
215/55 R1794 TUltra Grip PerformanceDE
225/45 R1794 HUltra Grip Performance
235/60 R16100 HUltra Grip Performance
225/45 R1895 VUltra Grip PerformanceDE
205/50 R1793 HFRUltra Grip PerformanceDE
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