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Goodyear Marathon LHS

Goodyear Marathon LHS

The Marathon LHS steer tire gives more kilometres per tire in long haul conditions thanks to a wide tread pattern and a new, energy-saving tread compound.

- New, low rolling resistance compound
- "S" block layout & optimised pitch variation
- Regrooving indicators
- 5-rib design & high net-to-gross ratio
- Variable-depth blading
- Variable-taper groove angles
- Wide tread pattern & deep

- Less energy is required to transport the load, resulting in a fuel-saving potential
- Reduced rolling noise
- Help ensure that tires are regrooved to the optimum depth
- Even load distribution for reduced tire wear; low rolling resistance for added fuel savings
- Improved steering characteristics and wet braking performance
- Facilitate stone release
- Increased number of kilometres per tire; improved steering stability and driving comfort

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
275/70 R22,5148/145 MMarathon LHSDE
295/60 R22,5150/147 KMarathon LHSLX
295/80 R22,5152/148 MMarathon LHSDE
295/80 R22,5152/148 MMarathon LHS
305/70 R22,5152/148 LMarathon LHSDE
315/60 R22,5152/148 LMarathon LHSLX
315/80 R22,5156/150 LMarathon LHSLX
385/55 R22,5160 KMarathon LHSLX
385/65 R22,5158 LMarathon LHS
295/60 R22,5149/146 LMarathon LHS
305/70 R22,5150/148 MMarathon LHS
315/70 R22,5154/150 LMarathon LHSLX
315/70 R22,5154/148 MMarathon LHS
315/80 R22,5154/150 MMarathon LHS
315/80 R22,5156/150 L(154/150M)Marathon LHS
385/55 R22,5158 LMarathon LHS
385/65 R22,5160 K(158L)Marathon LHS
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