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Goodyear HydraGrip

Goodyear HydraGrip

Grips as well in the wet as in the dry

Every driver worries about driving in heavy rain. But with Goodyeara??s new HydraGrip tire, you will be able to drive your car safely, no matter how wet the roads are. Thanks to our patented profiling technology, these tires offer vastly improved road contact when braking, even in rain-soaked emergency situations. This extraordinary tire keeps its performance throughout its lifetime, even when worn. So come rain or shine, the HydraGrip makes sure you get home safely.

The HydraGrip features:

  • Improved road contact when braking
  • Extra biting edges on the tires without losing block stiffness
  • Smooth braking in emergency situation, even on wet roads
  • Unparalleled resistance to aquaplaning
Tread Feature Action Benefit

3D-Bis Technology

  • Improve road contact under breaking
  • Provide additional biting edges whilst maintaining block stiffness.
  • Breaking in wet/dry emergency situations

    Cascade blading at shoulder

    Improve road contact under breaking

  • Breaking in wet/dry emergency situations
  • Wet and Dry handling
  • V-TRED design

    Increases water drainage

    Gives aquaplaning resistance until end of tyre life

    Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
    185/55 R1480 HHydraGrip
    185/55 R1480 VHydraGrip
    185/60 R1482 HHydraGripFR
    185/65 R1486 HHydraGripDE
    185/60 R1584 HHydraGripFR
    185/65 R1588 HHydraGripSI
    185/65 R1588 VHydraGrip
    195/50 R1582 VHydraGripDE, FR
    195/55 R1585 HHydraGripSI
    195/55 R1585 VHydraGripSI
    195/60 R1588 HHydraGripFR
    195/60 R1588 VHydraGrip
    195/65 R1595 HHydraGrip
    195/65 R1591 VHydraGrip
    195/65 R1591 HHydraGripDE, UK
    205/60 R1591 VHydraGrip
    205/60 R1591 HHydraGripSI
    205/65 R1594 HHydraGripSI
    205/65 R1594 VHydraGripSI
    205/55 R1691 VHydraGripSI
    205/55 R1691 HHydraGripSI
    205/60 R1692 HHydraGripDE
    205/60 R1692 VHydraGrip
    215/40 R1686 VHydraGrip
    215/55 R1697 HHydraGripDE
    215/55 R1693 VHydraGripDE
    225/60 R15 HHydraGrip
    185/65 R1486 THydraGrip
    205/65 R1594 THydraGrip
    195/50 R1582 HHydraGripFR
    165/60 R1475 HHydraGripSI
    195/60 R1486 VHydraGrip
    185/55 R1582 VHydraGripFR
    185/60 R1588 HHydraGrip
    205/50 R1687 VHydraGripSI
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