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Goodyear G443

Goodyear G443

Goodyear?s Ultra Grip, the benchmark in winter tires, has now been developed for commercial vehicles resulting in the new Ultra Grip WTS tire. Setting new standards of performance in extreme winter conditions, it gives you all the grip you need in places such as the Scandinavian region or the Alps.

- Winter performance improved by 25% (*)
- Mileage increased by 20% (**)
- Wet traction improved by 6% (*)

* Compared to its nearest competitor.
** Compared to previous generation and nearest competitor.

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
12 R22,5152/148 KG443
295/80 R22,5152/148 KG443
315/80 R22,5154/150 LG443
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