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In 1893 was the year in which the two brothers Carl and Wilhelm Gislow began manufacturing rubber products in the small town of Gislaved in Sweden.
At the turn of the century the company started producing bicycle tyres and Gislaved manufactured the first Swedish car tyres.
Since the first Volvo left the plant in Gothenburg, the company has fitted Gislaved tyres to its cars as standard.
Gislaved was one of the first companies in the world to manufacture the ground-breaking steel radial tyre. A few years later, the world's most modern tyre plant for the production of steel radial tyres and efficient large-scale production was opened.
Gislaved has been part of Continental AG, Europe's second-largest tyre group, thereby gaining access to truly impressive resources for developing, testing and manufacturing tyres.
As well as manufacturing high quality summer tyres, Gislaved also has an enviable reputation for producing some of the world's best winter tyres. That's only natural, really, considering the hard winters faced in Sweden.
By consistently focusing on safety, quality and driving comfort, Gislaved has become successful in more and more markets outside Sweden and today the company has a sales organisation that spans the world.

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