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Federal 595 RS-R

Federal 595 RS-R

King of sport – 595RS-R with reinforced carcass and sidewall offers easy handling while taking the abuse of driving at high speed as well as superior grip and cornering stability, is a secret weapon for the championship. Recognized by Japanese professionals and selected as the official tire to Australia 2007 X Challenge competition powered by Lotus.


New, semi-slick, sport competition 595RS-R - designed for exceptional traction and grip. Cutting-edge technological advances in design, construction, pattern and compounds. Best performance in its class - a street legal competition tyre with the characteristics of a slick.

  • Lateral grooves substantially exterminate stiffness on shoulder blocks to upgrade traction and riding comfort.
  • Tread patterns on shoulder block provide lateral driving stability while cornering.
  • Uni-directional V-shaped main groove design enhances both sport look and water distribution.
  • Wide angle grooves improve consistency on tread blocks thereby permitting more serious grip.
  • The modern, feather-like tread pattern incorporates stylish image and outstanding responsiveness.
  • Embossed letters on the sidewall featured with unique and personal characteristics.

Designed for use on all high performance vehicles

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
245/35 R1888 W595 RS-R
255/35 R1890 W595 RS-RTW
265/35 R1893 W595 RS-RTW
235/40 R1790 W595 RS-RTW
255/40 R1794 W595 RS-RTW
225/40 R1888 W595 RS-RTW
235/40 R1891 W595 RS-RTW
205/45 R1683 W595 RS-RTW
215/45 R1787 W595 RS-RTW
225/45 R1794 W595 RS-RTW
235/45 R1794 W595 RS-RTW
195/50 R1582 W595 RS-RTW
205/50 R1589 W595 RS-RTW
205/50 R1687 W595 RS-R
285/30 ZR1897 W595 RS-R
215/40 ZR1783 W595 RS-RTW
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