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Construction of the tyre company in Debica commenced in 1937 , and two years later they manufactured their first tyre. Over 50 years later, in 1991, a turning point in the company's history occurred when the first stage of the privatization process was initiated. Milestones of this process have been the transformation of the then state enterprise into a company with sole state participation and the first quotation of the company's securities on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on November 24, 1994. The privatization process culminated on December 2, 1995, when a strategic investor. The Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company, bought a package T.C. Debica S.A. shares. A later investment made Goodyear the majority stockholder with a 50.79% share holding.

The past five years of cooperation between The Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company and T.C. Debica S.A. have been marked by an extensive restructuring of the company to make it comply with production and management standards implemented throughout Goodyear affiliates worldwide. The restructuring process covered practically all aspects of T.C. Debica S.A. activities and ranged from the company's organizational structure, through the management of financial and trade operations; and from new investments in the energy system to the production of heavy truck steel-steel tyres. As early as April 1996, the sales of steel-steel DEBICA 4EVER tyres began. In 1998 was started-up of Modern Radial Truck Tyre Plant.

In 1997 Goodyear moved the production of tyres for its agricultural sector from Fulda, Germany and Amiens, France to Debica. In addition, the production of tubes was moved from a Goodyear plant in Turkey to T.C. Debica S.A making the company the sole Goodyear tube producer in Europe.

The Gaining the one of the greatest tyre's companies, as an active strategic investor, not only permitted to obtain financial means on development T.C. Debica S.A., but made possibility access into the most advanced technology and research centres.

Cooperating with the Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company has allowed extensive company development due to the access of capital resources, up-to-date technology, modern management standards and new markets. Additionally, it is an opportunity for T.C. Debica S.A. to extend its tyre and tube production and increase sales volumes under its own trademark. The collaboration also creates opportunities for the local community to establish various beneficial links with countries and towns in which Goodyear has branches and plants.

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