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Cooper Zeon ZPT

Cooper Zeon ZPT

Directional Tread
Designed to perform best when rotating in the specified direction, this pattern cuts through surface water to prevent hydroplaning. Directional capability helps provide outstanding traction and handling.

Performance Engineered Package
This performance radial combines spiral wound nylon overwrap, steel belts, and a polyester cord body in a solid, high-tech construction package to meet car enthusiasts' demands for responsive handling.

H-Speed Rating
This performance radial meets H-rated speed criteria of 130 MPH on indoor wheel tests.

M+S Rated

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
245/40 R1897 HZeon ZPTUS
215/40 R1783 HZeon ZPTUS
225/40 R1888 HZeon ZPTUS
235/40 R1891 HZeon ZPTUS
215/45 R1787 HZeon ZPTUS
225/45 R1791 HZeon ZPTUS
235/45 R1794 HZeon ZPTUS
245/45 R1795 HZeon ZPTUS
195/50 R1582 HZeon ZPTUS
205/50 R1586 HZeon ZPTUS
205/50 R1687 HZeon ZPTUS
225/50 R1692 HZeon ZPTUS
245/50 R1697 HZeon ZPTUS
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