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Cooper Zeon RS3

Cooper Zeon RS3

Developed during more than a year of designing, testing and fine tuning by both ROUSH Performance and Cooper engineers, the Cooper Zeon RS3 is a new generation non-directional asymmetric extreme max performance tire, fitted for the ROUSH Stage 3 and P51B Mustangs, and for the performance enthusiast who wants unlimited exhilaration.

The RS3’s racing-inspired silica tread compound, with more rubber on the outside tread pattern, maximizes grip for dry limit handling at high G-forces while maintaining an exceptional level of wet performance. The cutting-edge R-Tech technology mold profile optimizes the contact patch geometry for excellent responsiveness and maximum cornering forces.

Features Benefits

"Racing inspired" silica tread compound

Maximized grip for dry limit handling, while maintaining an excellent level of wet performance

R-Tech Mold Profile

Optimized contact patch geometry to provide excellent responsiveness and maximum cornering forces

Outboard tread features

  • Large outside shoulder and intermediate tread blocks, together with reduced pattern void in this region, contribute to outstanding steering response and high levels of cornering force.
  • More rubber on the outside tread pattern provides exceptional dry handling and ultimate cornering ability and steering response.

Variable draft groove walls

Help provide even treadwear

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
275/40 R1899 WZeon RS3
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