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Cooper Zeon XSTa

Cooper Zeon XSTa

Based on the performance and reliability of the Cooper Zeon XST, the XSTA’s enhancements will put the world of light trucks, SUVs and cross-over vehicles on notice.

Integrating advanced technology from Cooper’s all-weather performance lines, this M+S rated tire delivers far more than just impressive looks. On the outside, the XSTA’s asymmetrical all-season tiread design utilizes two distinct tread patterns that enable optimal dry traction combined with all-season capabilities. It features an outer design that provides enhanced stability in turns with added steering response, while the inner circumferential and transverse grooves provide water evacuation to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. Designed and developed by a team of Cooper engineers, this tire incorporates state-of-the-art ventless technology, providing a crisp, clean, premium appearance.

The inner workings of this tire features a reinforced tread compound that is specifically engineered to optimize year-round performance, providing predictable handling and control in both dry and wet conditions. Its lower profile and wide stance match its enhanced performance, offering high-speed stability and grip thanks to its continuous offset center rib design. The Cooper Zeon XSTA offers not only good looks and crisp handling, but also even wear with a smooth, comfortable, quiet ride.
The Cooper Zeon XSTA size range covers both original equipment sizes for sport trucks, SUVs and cross-over vehicles, as well as the popular plus fitments. This V speed-rated tire is initially offered in nine sizes, ranging from 18-, 22- and 24-inch diameters and will be produced at the company’s Texarkana, Ark., manufacturing facility. Cooper will also introduce 11 additional sizes, including 15- and 16-inch (H rated) and 17-inch (V rated) sizes in the third quarter of 2008.

Everything about the all-new XSTA is exceptional: enhanced performance, advanced features, state-of-the-art technology and a distinctive updated style. With the Cooper Zeon XSTA, Cooper has definitely expanded on a great idea.

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
215/70 R16100 HZeon XSTaUK
235/70 R16106 HZeon XSTaUK
245/70 R16107 HZeon XSTaUS
265/70 R16112 HZeon XSTaUK
275/70 R16114 HZeon XSTaUK
255/65 R16109 HZeon XSTaUK
235/60 R16100 HZeon XSTaUK, US
235/65 R17104 VZeon XSTaUK
275/45 R22112 VZeon XSTa
305/40 R22114 VZeon XSTaUS
265/35 R22102 VZeon XSTa
295/35 R24110 VZeon XSTa
305/35 R24112 VZeon XSTa
255/60 R18112 VZeon XSTaUK
265/70 R15112 HZeon XSTa
275/55 R17109 VZeon XSTaUK
255/55 R18109 VZeon XSTaUS
285/45 R22114 VZeon XSTaUS
305/45 R22118 VZeon XSTaUS
215/60 R1796 HZeon XSTaUK
235/55 R1799 VZeon XSTaUK
235/50 R1897 VZeon XSTaUK
215/65 R1698 HZeon XSTaUK
245/35 R2297 VZeon XSTa
245/70 R16111 HZeon XSTaUK
225/65 R17102 HZeon XSTaUK
235/55 R18100 VZeon XSTaUK
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