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Cooper Zeon LTZ

Cooper Zeon LTZ

Transverse Grooves
Directs water away from the tread pattern to resist hydroplaning.

Circumferential Grooves
Expels water forwards and backwards away from the tread pattern to resist hydroplaning.

Ridged Tie Bars
Provides increased lug stability by locking the lugs while also creating an entrenched siping advantage within the channelized area for enhanced steering and traction.

Scalloped Shoulder Design
Shoulder lugs are alternately scalloped and offset for improved traction on soft surfaces like sand and mud.

CAD Designed
Variable Pitched Sequence creates a balanced pitch to reduce noise while maintaining M+S traction
capabilities and extended tread life. Full depth siped elements provides for increased traction while reducing heat build up within the elements for balanced wear.

Ventless Technology
The molds used in manufacturing incorporate special venting technology in the tread area to provide a crisp, clean, premium appearance.

Rim Protector
A rubber rim protector extends beyond the rim flange and decreases the chance of rim damage that can occur if a tire/wheel as sembly scuffs a curb.

All Terrain Design
This modern design features a combination of sweeping lateral grooves and irregularly shaped tread elements to provide solid all terrain performance. The optimized pitch sequence helps provide even treadwear and reduced tread related noise.

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
305/50 R20120 SZeon LTZ
305/40 R22114 SZeon LTZ
305/35 R24112 SZeon LTZ
285/50 R20116 SZeon LTZUS
285/60 R18120 SZeon LTZUS
275/45 R20110 SZeon LTZUS
275/55 R20117 SZeon LTZUS
275/60 R20119 SZeon LTZUS
255/55 R19111 HZeon LTZUS
265/70 R17121/118 RZeon LTZUS
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