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BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KD

BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KD

Number one in dry cornering*.

What it is: Track-ready ultra high performance tire with near race-level grip. Multi-time magazine showdown winner. The highest dry cornering mark (1.08g) one leading testing organization has ever recorded for a full tread depth street-legal tire*.

Who it’s for: High-performance car owners and weekend track event competitors seeking absolute
no-compromise, dry cornering performance.

Features: Benefits:
  • Low void asymmetric/directional tread design; dry/max handling optimized outboard (21% void); wet handling optimized inboard (31% void)
  • Large, stable block elements
  • Wide center ribs, flat crown profile, high contact surface ratio
  • Proprietary BlackTech™ tread compound
  • Reduced tread depth stabilizes tread, helps block and lower rotational mass
  • Flat/oval footprint
  • g-Control™ Sidewall Inserts help resist deflection
  • Dimensionally-stable polyester carcass plies,ETEC System™ (Equal TEnsion Containment System)
  • Rim protector
  • Optimized for outstanding dry traction
  • Enhanced stability, wear and handling under high torque loads
  • Enhanced on-center feel
  • Excellent wet and dry grip (UTQG traction grade=AA)
  • Excellent handling
  • Enhanced wet grip in shallow water depths, contributes to excellent treadwear potential for an ultra-high performance tire
  • Generates tremendous cornering force
  • Excellent strength, smooth ride, consistent footprint and maximized tread contact area under high-speed conditions
  • Improved wheel damage protection
  • Y-speed rated; capable of speeds up to 186 mph

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
295/35 ZR1899 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KDUS
285/30 ZR1893 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
275/40 ZR1899 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KDUS
265/40 ZR1897 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KDCA
265/35 ZR1893 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
245/40 ZR1893 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
225/40 ZR1888 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
315/35 ZR17102 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
275/40 ZR1798 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
255/40 ZR1794 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
245/45 ZR1795 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
245/40 ZR1791 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
225/45 ZR1790 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
205/50 ZR1789 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
205/40 ZR1780 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
225/50 ZR1692 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
205/55 ZR1689 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
225/50 ZR1591 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KDUS
205/50 ZR1586 YLeft/Rightg-Force T/A KD
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