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BF Goodrich Traction T/A

BF Goodrich Traction T/A

Outstanding all-season performance.

What it is: The tire that takes all-season traction to a new level. 15% more dry traction*. 10% more wet traction*.
10% more snow traction (As compared to P225/60R16 BFGoodrich® Touring T/A® TR4 tire in dry handling, wet handling and snow traction tests). For more control 365 days a year. H- and V-rated sizes come with a 60,000-mile
Manufacturer’s Limited Treadlife warranty, T-rated sizes with a 70,000-mile Manufacturer’s Limited Treadlife
warranty. See warranty for details.

Who it’s for: Coupe, sedan, minivan and mini-SUV owners who won’t compromise when it comes to smooth ride,long treadlife – and outstanding all-season performance.

Features Benefits
  • Premium high-silica tread compound (H/V)
  • Helps provide exceptional grip in dry, wet and snow without sacrificing tread life
  • ETEC System™ (Equal Tension Containment)
  • Excellent strength, smooth ride, consistent footprint and maximized tread contact area under high-speed conditions
  • Directional tread pattern
  • Usually found only in premium, high-performance tires and racing tires; helps increase water evacuation for improved wet traction
  • Racing-derived tread profile
  • Profile technology adapted from our Traction T/A® racing tire helps provide flatter footprint, maximizing contact in dry and shallow water for excellent acceleration, cornering and braking
  • g-Wedge™ sidewall stabilizers
  • Reinforced sidewalls in cornering and lane-change maneuvers for crisp, sure response to steering inputs
  • T, H,V-rated: capable of speeds up to 118 mph (T-Rated), 130 mph (H-Rated), 149 mph (V-Rated)

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
235/65 R17103 TTraction T/A
225/55 R1695 HTraction T/AUS
215/55 R1693 HTraction T/A
205/55 R1690 HTraction T/A
215/50 R1791 VTraction T/A
245/50 R1696 VTraction T/AUS
225/60 R1698 VTraction T/A
225/55 R1695 VTraction T/A
225/50 R1692 VTraction T/A
205/55 R1690 VTraction T/A
205/50 R1687 VTraction T/AUS
225/60 R1596 VTraction T/A
225/60 R1596 HTraction T/A
215/60 R1594 HTraction T/A
205/65 R1594 VTraction T/A
205/65 R1594 HTraction T/A
205/60 R1591 HTraction T/A
205/55 R1588 VTraction T/AUS
195/65 R1591 HTraction T/A
195/60 R1588 HTraction T/A
205/60 R1488 HTraction T/A
185/65 R1486 HTraction T/A
185/60 R1482 HTraction T/A
225/60 R18100 HTraction T/AUS
185/65 R1586 HTraction T/AUS
195/70 R1490 HTraction T/AUS
195/60 R1486 HTraction T/AUS
225/55 R1795 TTraction T/AUS
235/55 R1696 TTraction T/AUS
225/60 R1697 TTraction T/ACA
215/65 R1698 TTraction T/ACA
215/60 R1694 TTraction T/ACA, RO
215/55 R1691 TTraction T/ACA, RO
205/65 R1694 TTraction T/ACA
205/60 R1691 TTraction T/AUS
205/55 R1689 TTraction T/ACA, RO
215/65 R1595 TTraction T/ACA, RO
215/60 R1593 TTraction T/ACA, RO
205/70 R1595 TTraction T/ACA
205/65 R1592 TTraction T/ACA
205/60 R1590 TTraction T/ACA, RO
195/65 R1589 TTraction T/ACA
195/60 R1587 TTraction T/ACA, RO
185/65 R1588 TTraction T/ACA, RO
185/60 R1584 TTraction T/ACA, RO
195/70 R1490 TTraction T/AUS
185/70 R1487 TTraction T/ARO
185/65 R1485 TTraction T/ARO
245/55 R18102 TTraction T/A
245/45 R1795 HTraction T/A
235/45 R1793 HTraction T/A
235/60 R1699 TTraction T/ATH
235/60 R1699 HTraction T/A
225/60 R1697 HTraction T/A
215/60 R1694 HTraction T/A
215/60 R1694 VTraction T/A
215/50 R1689 VTraction T/A
195/55 R1584 VTraction T/A
195/65 R1488 HTraction T/A
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