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BF Goodrich Touring T/A (T)

BF Goodrich Touring T/A (T)

Touring T/A® Pro Series T

Benefit: High mileage; 70,000-Mile Manufacturer's Limited Treadlife Warranty*
Feature: Advanced tread compound for exceptional treadlife

Benefit: Excellent wet and snow traction (M&S rated)
Feature: Unique, all-season tread design

Benefit: Helps resist hydroplaning
Feature: Three wide, deep circumferential grooves aid water evacuation

Benefit: Smooth ride, sustained durability, and predictable handling
Feature: Polyester carcass plies** and two strong steel belts

Benefit: Quiet highway ride
Feature: Computer-phased, variable-pitch tread elements

Benefit: *See warranty for details.
Feature: **Touring T/A Pro Series tires come with one or two polyester carcass plies, depending on size. All come with two steel belts.

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
215/70 R1597 TTouring T/A (T)
175/65 R1481 TTouring T/A (T)
185/65 R1485 TTouring T/A (T)
185/70 R1487 TTouring T/A (T)
195/70 R1490 TTouring T/A (T)
205/70 R1493 TTouring T/A (T)
195/65 R1589 TTouring T/A (T)
205/65 R1592 TTouring T/A (T)
205/70 R1595 TTouring T/A (T)
215/60 R1593 TTouring T/A (T)
215/65 R1595 TTouring T/A (T)
215/60 R1694 TTouring T/A (T)
225/60 R1697 TTouring T/A (T)
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