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BF Goodrich Touring T/A (H/V)

BF Goodrich Touring T/A (H/V)

Touring T/A® Pro Series H/V

Benefit: Helps achieve excellent mileage for 60,000-mile Manufacturer's Limited Treadlife Warranty*
Feature: Advanced mold and tread design evenly distributes contact forces.

Benefit: Helps maintain excellent traction in almost any weather, including snow
Feature: True all-season tread pattern

Benefit: Helps resist hydroplaning for confident handling in wet conditions, even at highway speeds**
Feature: Wide, "see-through" circumferential rain channels

Benefit: Helps the tire ride quietly, helps lower "background" noise inside your car
Feature: Computer-phased tread design

Benefit: *See warranty for details

Benefit: **Exceeding the safe, legal speed limit is neither recommended nor endorsed.

Размер Li/Ss Параметры Модель Страна Цена
195/65 R1488 HTouring T/A (H/V)KR
205/55 R1587 VTouring T/A (H/V)JP
205/65 R1592 VTouring T/A (H/V)US
205/55 R1689 VTouring T/A (H/V)KR
205/60 R1691 HTouring T/A (H/V)KR
215/55 R1691 HTouring T/A (H/V)KR
225/60 R1697 HTouring T/A (H/V)US
195/60 R1485 HTouring T/A (H/V)
185/65 R1586 HTouring T/A (H/V)
195/60 R1587 HTouring T/A (H/V)
195/65 R1589 HTouring T/A (H/V)
205/60 R1590 HTouring T/A (H/V)
205/65 R1592 HTouring T/A (H/V)
215/60 R1593 HTouring T/A (H/V)
205/55 R1689 HTouring T/A (H/V)
205/60 R1691 VTouring T/A (H/V)
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