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BF Goodrich

The story of a pioneer

Since it was formed, the BFGoodrich brand has distinguished itself by its pioneering spirit, and by its desire to extend the limits of performance. Many important advances in tyre development came about because of this mindset. It is the main theme running through a history which is the stuff of legends, a history composed of a succession of challenges successfully met, major firsts and important events which have marked the course of tyre developments.

2009 BFGoorich launches the g-Grip.

2008 BFGoodrich expands its range with products for business use with Activan van tyres. The Radial Long Trail T/A Tour tyres are launched to strengthen the 4x4 range.

2007 Launch of the g-Force Stud tyre.

2002-2007 BFGoodrich, Dakar Rally winner.

1999-2007 BFGoodrich wins the cross-country Rally world cup.

2007 BFGoodrich enters the IRC (Intercontinental Rally Challenge) and wins first place. For the second year running, the company also wins the driver's and constructor's titles in the World Rally Championship with Sébastien Loeb, thus confirming the company's position as world leader in rallying.

2006 BFGoodrich enters the World Rally Championship alongside the greatest teams. The brand enables Sébastien Loeb in his Kronos Total Citroën to win the title of World Champion driver and the company wins the World Champion Constructor title with BP Ford WRT.

Launch of the extreme off-road 4x4 tyre: the BFGoodrich Krawler.

2005 BFGoodrich launches the Profiler.

2004 BFGoodrich hails the launch of the g-Force Profiler, the High Performance tyre with the unique GRIP with greatest driving control.

2002 Goodrich spins off its industrial businesses to shareholders - creating two strong publicly traded companies focused on their own customers, products and markets. The new EnPro Industries, Inc. is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol NPO.

Goodrich acquires TRW Aeronautical Systems creating the world's largest "pure play" aerospace company.

2001 BFGoodrich exits the specialty chemicals business completing its transformation to a leading aerospace and industrial products company.

BFGoodrich becomes Goodrich Corporation to reflect the growing, dynamic company it has become.

2000 BFGoodrich launches its passenger car / light truck tyre range in Europe with a class-leading product: the Profiler G.

1999 BFGoodrich launches the first tyre with colored tread: the Scorcher T/A.

BFGoodrich acquires Coltec Industries, creating a multi-industry company with leading positions in aerospace, performance materials and engineered industrial products.

1997 BFGoodrich takes up the cross-country rally competition challenge.

BFGoodrich completes acquisition of Rohr. The addition of this outstanding company, with annual sales of more than $1 billion, significantly expands BFG's presence as a supplier of complex integrated aircraft systems.

1995 BFGoodrich celebrates its 125th anniversary. Now building on its strengths in aerospace and performance materials, BFGoodrich is a company with a proud heritage and an exciting future.

1988 BFGoodrich exits the tire business.

1977 The Columbia space shuttle is fitted with BFGoodrich tyres.

1976 BFGoodrich launches the first Radial Performance tyre for light commercial vehicles: the Radial All Terrain T/A.

1972 A legend is born: BFGoodrich wins the "Baja 1000."

1972 BFGoodrich introduces radial-ply touring tyres in North America, while other manufacturers continue to develop "Bias-ply" tyres.

1967 BFGoodrich launches the first run-flat tyre.

1965 BFGoodrich develops the American Radial tyre: the "Lifesaver."

1961 America's first astronauts come to BFGoodrich for the suits that will protect them in outer space.

1947 BFGoodrich manufactures the first tubeless tyre for American cars.

1937 After years of intensive research, BFGoodrich scientists discover a way to produce synthetic rubber. This breakthrough helps the United States win World War II, as the nation's supply of natural rubber was cut off.

1926 BFGoodrich scientist Dr. Waldo Semon plasticizes polyvinyl chloride (PVC) giving birth to the multi-billion-dollar worldwide vinyl industry.

1927 Charles Lindbergh's airplane, the "Spirit Of Saint Louis," which made the first successful non-stop flight across the Atlantic, was fitted with BFGoodrich tyres.

1915 BFGoodrich becomes the first North American tyre brand to win the Indianapolis 500 in two consecutive years.

1903 The first car to cross the United States is fitted with BFGoodrich tyres.

1895 BFGoodrich establishes one of the first research labs in the United States.

1870 Dr Benjamin Franklin Goodrich creates the first North American rubber company.

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