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Construction of the Belarussian Tyre Works "Belshina" in Bobruisk was sanctioned by Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR #299 dated March 25, 1963 "On steps aimed at better utilization of workforce of the Belarussian Soviet Socialist Republic" and by resolution No. 90-p dated June 11, 1965 by USSR Supreme Council, which approved the design task for construction of the Works.

Construction itself was started in September 1965. In 1968 the mechanical services unit was put into service (which later became a mechanical plant), where the equipment for the future production areas was assembled and manufactured, new techniques of tyre building were developed, practical training of the workers was conducted.

On December 31, 1971 the research facility of the mechanical services unit produced the first Belarussian tyre for BelAZ mining truck of 27-ton lifting capacity.

On December 31, 1972 the farm tyre plant was put into service. Truck & car tyre plant began to roll out tyres on September 30, 1976. On January 31, 1985 a fourth plant joined Belshina family, it was the earthmover tyre plant.

In May 1992 the State Committee on Industry of the Republic of Belarus issued a decree transforming the Belshina Production Amalgamation into Belarus Tyre Works Belshina.

On September 26, 2002 the Executive Committee of Mogilev province adopted resolution No.18-13 on registering an open type joint stock company Belshina (Certificate of Registration No.700016217 of 2003-09-27).

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