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At Petrol wheels we are passionate about design. Each Petrol wheel design can take several months to develop due to our obsession over the smallest design detail. Every curve and every accent is reviewed in detail to ensure that only the most exquisite wheels are ever produced. All new wheel designs are tested to the highest quality standards prior to and during manufacture.

Petrol set out to do something different by offering high quality multi-piece and stainless steel lip wheels directly off the shelf. At Petrol wheels we do not make to order so our product is usually on the shelf ready to ship as soon as you order it. We ship all Petrol styles out of our huge distribution facility in Huntington Beach, CA to re-sellers around the world.

We focus on high end passenger cars and European sport utility vehicles, such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Audi, Lexus and Infiniti.

Wheel sizes range from 19x8 to 20x11. We offer a wide range of staggered wheel applications for every target vehicle. Staggered wheel fitments entail running a wider wheel on the rear axle of the vehicle. With the staggered wheel set up it usually will allow for a more aggressive and larger lip on the rear wheels when compared to the fronts.

Petrol offers three types of wheels with a variety of styles.

  • One piece wheels with stainless steel lip inserts.
  • Two piece lightweight wheels with forged rims and cast centers.
  • Three piece wheels with rolled outer lips and cast centers.

Multi piece wheels have long been the pinnacle of wheel fashion. There are many advantages to using multi-piece wheels.

With two and three piece wheels we can make the optimal wheel fitment for your vehicle. This means you will have the largest possible lip sizes while still leaving considerable spoke clearance for larger brakes. Also they allow for the widest fit possible while filling out the fender for the most aggressive of looks. Not to be forgotten is the finished look of these wheels can be quite alluring.

Stainless steel lip wheels have been a breakthrough in the one piece wheel design. By inserting a stainless steel lip we achieve a visual effect of a multi-piece wheel while maintaining the simple integrity of a one piece wheel.

So when you want to fire up your passion for fine automobiles and exquisite wheels let Petrol fuel the passion.