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Alloy wheels


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History A historical brand that has always been marked by quality MSW is the first brand name distributed by OZ in the first ‘80s.

It represents a historical brand that has always been marked by quality, safety and design. In the ‘80s the more known models of the MSW collection have been Ceres and Galaxie, in the ‘90s Estorils and Daytona, while the years 2000 have been characterized by the introduction of the models Monza and Mugello.

The actual model develops from the experiences acquired from the past years, but it results renewed in the design thanks to the contribution given by the Centre Style of OZ. The year 2007 see the birth of thee models MSW 11, 12, 16, 18 in the segment four season and the models MSW 14, 15, 19 in the winter segment.