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Steel wheels


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Every year car manufacturers introduce dozens of new models to the market. KFZ Stahlrad in turn produces steel wheels that fit all of the auto industry’s new designs, bringing our total to over 500 different wheel models. Our wheels are identical to the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) in quality, design and engineering.

Base Steel Wheels

This product is the most popular of all steel wheels. More than 90 percent of all cars use this kind of standard steel wheel.
Its advantages are its highly efficient design and manufacturing. The use of ultra-strength steel enables our designers
to be both ultra-lightweight and very tough.

Bead Seat Attached Wheels

Brake clearance is maximized for a given wheel diameter by attaching the disc under the bead seat of the rim.
This is a plus for cars that require increased break clearance, such as SUV and off-road vehicles.
Its special production technique gives this steel wheel the appearance of an alloy wheel.

Full Face Design Wheels

This wheel undergoes the most complex production process, offering numerous advantages along with a bold alloy-style look.
The wheel is constructed by incorporating the curb side flange into the disc. Then it is attached to the single flange rim with a 360° arc weld.