About Us

How it works

Our advantages, in comparison with common forms of trading, are obvious

  • You don’t have to spend your time to find the right way to get the shop, we solve this problem and deliver to you the products you chose
  • it is possible to visit our internet – shop anywhere You want and have access to internet (office, home, internet café…)
  • the possibility to compare all kinds of information about products in a few minutes

Why it is profitable to buy in our internet shop

  • we don’t spend money to rent offices in prestigeous areas of the city
  • we don’t spend money to keep numerous staff
  • we have a great variety of products
  • That’s why the prices for products we propose are very reasonable. Moreover, we deliver the products to any address You prefer.

How to choose

1. You should open the page where the item you are interested in is located, choose the appropriate size and push the far right link.
2. You should choose between:

  • Buy – it means that goods you have chosen are available in stock (in sufficient quantity), and you can buy online.
  • Order – it means that the quantity of that unit is limited (less than 5 units) and the required article can be delivered to the customer within a set period of time (usually 3 – 10 days).
  • Ask – it means that the article can be delivered to the customer within an agreed period of time (3 – 30 days).

3. An operator, having received the order, puts the ordered article in reserve and contacts the Client to specify the details.
4. The Client pays for the article in accordance with the produced invoice, or the information presented in the order form.
5. The price given in the invoice is final and includes all taxes and the cost of delivery to the specified address
6. The order received and verified by the customer before 13:00 is processed during the same day after 15:00 (except weekends). The order received after 13:00 is processed and delivered on the next day.

Form of payment for organizations

bank transfer

Forms of payment for individuals


  •  through branches of Aval and Pravex banks
  •   credit card deposits

electronic wire transfer

  • through internet. PayCash system


  • UBN banner sharing system


  1. Delivery is undertaken by automobile after the receipt of payment
  2. The Article is delivered to the Client at the agreed time and address
  3. Delivery is carried out to the home/work address given by the Client.
  4. Delivery in other regions are carried out to the addresses specified on our website
  5. Delivery is carried out every day from 15:00 to 19:00 except Sunday
  6. The price of delivery is determined by the transport fare


  1. Guarantee is valid for all products purchased in our shops.
  2. The Client can exchange the acquired products (tires, wheels) in the event of assembling problems.
  3. Tires and wheels without signs of tear and wear (assuming no technical damage) are exchanged immediately.
  4. In the case when no alternative article is available, the equivalent money sum will be refunded.
  5. The client, having processed the order, automatically accepts the above terms and conditions.
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