Why it is better to buy in our internet shop and how it works

Why it is better to buy in our internet shop

  • we don’t spend money to rent offices in prestigeous areas of the city
  • we don’t spend money to keep numerous staff
  • we have a great variety of products

That's why the prices for products we offer are very reasonable. Moreover, we deliver the products to any address You prefer.

Tyre news
  • 2012-10-03 National distributors sought for Membat brand

    Membat describes itself as a young brand, but behind this newcomer to the tyre world stands Spanish fast fitting chain Auto Equip. “We’ve been in the tyre business for 25 years and now we’re taking advantage of the industry knowledge we’ve gained and produced the Membat private brand,” shares Natan Banyeres, international trade manager at Membat. Banyeres told Tyres & Accessories that the Auto Equip network consists of 21 outlets, and the company also distributes tyres. “We are proud of our Spanish heritage but now want to export this and develop a global vision,” he adds.

  • 2012-08-13 Continental инвестирует средства в завод по горячему восстановлению грузовых шин

    Новые производственны площади в Западной Европе. Усиление ориентации на бизнес по восстановлению шин и стратегию ContiLifeCycle

  • 2012-07-19 Michelin tyres have rated A in wet grip since 2010

    Back in mid-June, only a short time after manufacturers were able to release their tyre labelling data into the public domain on 30 May, Michelin became the first tyre manufacture to share details of its labelling position across its range with Tyres & Accessories. The details show market leading wet grip has been a key factor in tyre development for years before the introduction of tyre labelling and therefore make for interesting reading.

  • 2012-07-17 Hankook become an Official Sponsor of the UEFA Europa League

    Soccer sponsorship forms an integral part of Hankook’s European marketing strategy. Sponsorship agreement for next three seasons - 2012 to 2015

  • 2012-07-04 Bridgestone launches 2 Ecopia fuel-saving truck tyres

    Bridgestone gave its latest two truck tyres – the Ecopia H-Steer 001 and Ecopia H-Drive 001 (in 315/70 R22.5) – their European debut at Reifen 2012. According to the company, these are “the most ecological and economical truck tyres that Bridgestone has ever developed.” As such the two long-haul tyres reportedly deliver are said to offer radically lower rolling resistance, fuel consumption and environmental impact, while maintaining overall levels of tyre performance.

Welcome to Kiev!
Tours and excursions in Kiev, Ukraine.
English and French speaking guides, transport, accomodation, translations


Terra Incognita
- adventure journeys (active tourism) by the rivers, mountains, in caves and so on;
- excursion programs to castles and palaces, churches and monasteries, caves and waterfalls, etc.
- Ukrainian etnografical tourism
- archeological tourism
- ekological tourism


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